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My Services.

Explore - the method of the 'Heart Wisdom' & 'Sacred Intimacy' 

Expand - Maintain and implement into your day by day  

Evolve  - Live a euphoric, spiritual, orgasmic life


Euphoria by Liat Berko brings you inspirational conversations and intuitive ways of healing our consciousness through positive thoughts. 

We explore the life of events, crises, and relationships we have with our environment with higher awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance.


The work we do with the "Heart Wisdom" method, brings you true love consciousness through a heart-mind connection.

The study involves a cognitive approach to self-development that combines psychology, spirituality, and self-acceptance. This approach is strengthening a person’s spiritual health, emotional health, and cognitive awareness. The purpose of the method is to be able to remain emotionally stable in the face of life events; Recognize your place and your sense of self-worth in this world.


The "Sacred Intimacy" is a unique approach for couples to live an intimate relationship through the energy of love-consciousness rendezvous.

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Over the last few decades, Liat Berko has coached a wide range of clients, offering a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual. Her coaching style is spiritual in nature, intuitive, straightforward, and empowering – with this unique approach, you will see your world and your life in a new light. She will help you create new habits and beliefs that are perfectly designed to take you where you want to be. Take action to better your life and book your coaching session today! 


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Expand and facilitate a mindset shift that will enable you to realign with your inner motives, purpose, and self-confidence through curated methods, programs, and mentors. Our workshops include Online and in-person private events, and access to online and in-person workshops. Our programs are designed for individuals, couples, and private events.

Highly recommended for building and bonding corporate work teams in any sector.

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Liat, a relationship coach with years of experience, recognizes that loving intimate relationships are a vital component of spiritual and psychological wellness. Whether you’re single, married, or divorced, Liat can help you enhance your current relationship or assist you in attracting the right partner and in finding your soulmate. If you’re looking to build a spiritual, loving, and lasting connection with your partner, Liat has the depth of experience to get you there. Book a session today to get the relationship help you need!

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Liat Berko is your Inspirational Speaker delivering psychology-based, spiritual, and multi-sensory learning experiences inspired by eclectic inspiring methods.

She delivers a deep and profound transformational knowledge of consciousness. Her lecturing style is spiritual in nature, intuitive, straightforward, and empowering – with this unique approach, she fills the room with a unique energy that will leave you inspired.

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