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STEP 1: EXPLORE INTRODUCTION OF THE HEART WISDOM STUDY BY LIAT BERKO I invite you to join this recorded webinar and EXPLORE your favorite topic: YOU! We all go through something in life- The question is HOW we react to it!? and how it affects our relationships with our loved ones. During this webinar, YOU will receive 4 Keys to SELF-realizations: 1- Connect 2- Observe 3- Reflect 4- Realize We reflect on our own personal journey and explore what's in our path, from a different point of view. We explore our subconscious state and ways of taking away the dis-ease from our thoughts, speech, and actions to provide various solutions to experience a stable sacred state of mind. ANSWERS/QUESTIONS Why should I join the Heart Wisdom study? Where is the study taking place? How? When? How much? How long? WHY should I study it? I know everything already! Is it for everyone? Is it for me? Can it help me overcome a crisis? or touch on the source of complex situations? What will I gain by joining the group studies? and.. super important, will I connect to the teacher, the gifts and services she has to offer ME?!.. EXPLORE. This is the first step. This is the time for YOU to FEEL if this is the right INVESTMENT for YOU at this PRESENT moment to improve YOUR life and develop to a higher place from where YOU are NOW! The introductory webinar will answer all of these questions and provide you with a better understanding of the 'Heart Wisdom' concept. Liat Berko, Inspirational Teacher and Coach, M.A. psychology, helps her clients live a more conscious life that drives happiness, love and acceptance. She specializes in empowering people to remain emotionally stable in the face of life events and to recognize their place and sense of self-worth in the world. She uses her own Heart-Wisdom method that emphasizes a heart-mind connection to strengthen a person’s spiritual health, emotional well-being and cognitive awareness. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT EUPHORIA'S CHANNELS HERE: Looking forward to see you online BOOK NOW

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19220 Northeast 25th Avenue, Miami, FL, USA

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