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Soul Healing 1 + 2

10 sessions with Mentor Eleanor Tsor

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Soul Healing 1 Through understanding our soul we can have a deeper understanding of current patterns and behaviors.  Learn all about the soul, soul contracts and past lives. Why did you choose the path you’re on? Why are certain people and situations in your life? How can you heal recurring traumas and issues such as fears and anxiety. Why do you have certain health issues or hardships? Learn the answer to all of these questions, in addition to understanding how accessing our past life memories, with the aid of deep mediation and attentive talk therapy, one can use the past memories to better understand the present to give us strength and clarity to overcome our current circumstances. By addressing and breaking hurtful habits one can be renewed and move on with a more positive light. Segments: 1. All about the Soul 2. Subconscious Mind 3. Soul Contracts and Past lives 4. Meditation in Depth  5. Intro to Crystals Soul Healing 2 Energy healing restores the balance and flow of energy through out the body, mind and soul, resulting in physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Mainly, energy healing helps to identify and break ‘blockages’ such as: anxiety, fear, depression and anger, that prevent us from healing and living life to our fullest. Learn all about energy, how to identify blockages and how to heal your physical and emotional bodies. 
 Segments: 1. Universal Energy 2. Trapped Emotions and Blockages 3. Emotional Healing 4. Meditation in Depth 5. Crystal Therapy

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