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We meet weekly for inspiring conversations and intuitive ways of healing our consciousness through positive thoughts. We explore the life of events, crises, and relationships we have with our environment with higher awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance. WEEKLY MEETING ONLINE - MONDAY AT 10AM EST IN ENGLISH The study involves a cognitive approach to self-development that combines psychology, spirituality, and self-acceptance. This approach is strengthening a person’s spiritual health, emotional health, and cognitive awareness. The purpose of the method is to be able to remain emotionally stable in the face of life events; Recognize your place and your sense of self-worth in this world. During the meeting, it is very important to connect to our personal understandings and we do this through crafts, i.e. personal writing connected to learning, so please bring a personal notebook and writing tools. WHAT WILL I GET FROM THIS STUDY? Studying changes perspective and consciousness and the more we delve into studying, the more it explains and clarifies for us what goes through us in all aspects of life: the personal, the physical, the marital, the parental, the professional, and others. Studying helps to overcome crises and acquire tools to deal with challenging and complex situations and above all inspires one to live wholeheartedly and with healthy faith even in the most difficult moments. Hashiva Hakaratit (Awareness Thinking or as many call it "The Yemima Method”) is a Jewish psychological spiritual system that helps to enhance our happiness, well-being, and balance. This system gives us tools to uncover our warm hearts and clear thinking without fighting ourselves. We learn how to connect to our true selves, our soul, and our inner goodness. The introductory course of the Heart Wisdom method is a course of 6 chapters and 12 sessions of about an hour in which we will understand the essence of the study, get to know the basic concepts, language, and terminology, and get practical tools to deal with life itself. Syllabus: Preparation for study First lesson - Learning objectives Second lesson - Understanding as a tool Third lesson - Recognition of the unnecessary Fourth lesson - Relative accuracy part A and part B Fifth lesson - Approach and voluntary choice Sixth lesson - Bringing back the joy WEEKLY MEETING ONLINE - MONDAY AT 10AM EST IN ENGLISH $180 per month ( payment renews automatically each month)

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