The Melody of My Name

Our name tells us so much about who we are.

Name interpretation for Liat "Euphoria" bat Shmuel 'Sammy' & Ruthy

by R' Avraham Shira

July 2020

The name ​Liat​ is a modern Israeli name that literally means, “To me you are”​ which would mean, colloquially,

“Y​ou are mine.”

To the English speaker, the phrase, ‘​You are mine,’​ can sound possessive, perhaps even to the exclusion of another.​ ​If we transpose the voice of the speaker of the name to the Creator, then we have a new and beautiful idea expressed by God when he created the Priestly tribe. While giving inheritances of land in Israel to the tribes, He told the priests, “You are mine... “You will have no land... but the Holy Temple.” This signifies a very special sort of relationship, as if God is saying, “Li Aht. You are mine.” In other words, He was designating your soul as a teacher, which is the main function of the Kohanic tribe.