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Rabbi Avraham Shira

Rabbi Shira has been a teacher for Kabbalah and Meditation at Yeshivat Nahar Shalom (and online) in Jerusalem since 1993. He has taught for twenty years at the Berot Bat Ayin Seminary, teaching Likutei Moharan, Kabbalah, Jewish Meditation, and spiritual creative writing. Rav Shira received a Masters Degree in Sociology from the University of North Texas, where he specialized in Family Therapy. He currently maintains a therapy practice in Jerusalem and Gush Hatzion. He is also a published author, and he is now in the process of completing two new works, Messianic



Shmuel Shaul

Shmuel Shaul is a well known Israeli spiritual master and shaman. He has been teaching since 1995, giving seminars and leading people though their spiritual journey all over the world. Shmuel has studied the wisdom of the Kabbalah in-depth and integrates it into his teachings. In his seminars the participants can develop their skills in working at different levels of consciousness and dimensions, receives tools and different techniques to integrate them in their daily life for their own benefit and also for service for other as healers, teachers or guides. Shmuel also specializes in working with the Dream Consciousness, he teaches the Shamanistic approach of how to work with dreams. Shmuel has been considered a professional authority in working with energies, spirits, and the intelligence of nature, he also performs initiation and healing processes with nature.



Dr. Jack Tobol, M.Ac., A.P., an Acupuncture Physician has a purpose to help people live to their highest potential, in perfect balance and health, and in full discovery of their true nature. Since 2003, Dr. Tobol has helped thousands of people with a variety of health issues ranging from allergies to digestive disorders to chronic pain and depression.  Dr. Tobol has been a practitioner of the healing arts for over 17 years and incorporates many different modalities in treatment of the body, mind, and spirit including: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tui Na, The Emotion Code, and Medical Qi Gong.


Dr. Jack Tobol


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