About Liat Berko

Welcome to Euphoria

If you're reading these lines that means you’re interested and that’s a good start! I come from a complicated place in my mind and manage to shift my life to a simpler state: from darkness to light, from anxiety to joy, from insecurity to hope. I jumped from the “known” to the "unknown" just to reveal who I am. and guess what?!? I fell in love with myself!

That required a lot of courage and a lot of work but that’s how I started creating real magic in my life.


If I did it - You can do it too!


Transformation is contagious & magical! It actually happens from within, from your inner temple - out to the world. once you have the will to explore about yourself and truly connect from the inside, the sparks of light will start revealing the new loving being that you are. You just need to allow the transformation and the universe will take care of rest. 

Euphoria is a temporary state of consciousness that can be achieved usually with “external help”. I can help you reach that state of mind from within you in a pure way that will shift your life and keep it steady.


Photography by Tamara Benarroch

My Story 

I had it all. I was living the dream.  I was married with two beautiful kids living in the heart of Tribeca in downtown Manhattan in a beautiful apartment. I created my dream company.  I was producing live music concerts and worked with my favorite musicians from Israel. I even produced the biggest show for the Israeli community at Madison Square Garden. I was invited to different events every night.  I had thousands of friends.  I was traveling all over the world on vacation, and spent every summer in Israel.. 


~ BUT  I WAS NOT HAPPY ~  something inside of me was not quiet. 

Once I experienced my cousin separating from this world at the age of 45- leaving behind her three kids & her family - it put everything in perspective for me.  I understood the value of my time in this world and how I truly wanted to live authentically and truthfully.   

I was depressed- struggling with my demons; complaining, frustrated, and not complete. Till I understood- I had to leave everything I knew and step into the unknown to explore more. 

I separated from my husband. I separated from my community. I left New York and moved to Miami with my two boys, starting everything from zero.  Now, I take the time to dive into my soul and listen to my inner self. 

During  pandemic 2020 I completely surrender. I started keeping “Technological Shabbat,” meaning I disconnect from all my technological devices for twenty-five hours a week.  This helps me reconnect to my inner self.  I let my heartbeat guide me and not my mind.  I connected to nature, to myself, to my kids, to my family, to my surroundings but especially to the divine.  I fell in love with life!

I took the time to do things I had never done before: I read every book I had put aside, I took every course that I wanted, I start practicing yoga & meditating. I started to believe and found God inside of me. I got emotional from a thought. I was on a spiritual path and I was happy.  I felt alive, free & liberated into the unknown.

I was in Euphoria.

This is were I learned to live my life with less anger, no anxiety, no stories & complication in my head, no stress. Everything became lighter, much more simple and enlightened. Life became much more loving; I was dedicated to my true happiness. I was living in acceptance of myself & others and every day was a gift to cherish. 


I became Euphoria. 

Liat Berko