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I’m inviting you to start a journey into your soul, redefine your meaning of being and start transforming yourself. The key is to learn how to fully accept and love yourself as a whole. I don’t pretend to tell you what to do, rather than guide you through this self-revelation journey and provide you with the tools so you rely only on YOURSELF! 
How do you have the courage to STOP everything- look in the mirror and like what you see, and believe you are truly worthy!

If you keep expecting it from the outside- You will stay frustrated forever.. I was there- and I was not quiet, something was constantly missing. That led me to do terrible things I am not proud to share.. I was stuck in situations, I was screaming for help inside of me, I was betraying myself over and over, patching myself with stories. I lived through that feeling for many years and I had to do something about it! 


This is when I jumped into the UNKNOWN and reinvented myself from scratch.

I learned from the best "inspiritual" mentors in the world WHO I AM! 

This is WHY I created "Euphoria State of Mind"

I am certain it will INSPIRE you to remember WHO YOU ARE and teach you how to reconnect to your true-self on a deeper level..

I want to help you, because of the work I did, because of the life I went through,

I feel the urge to help you grow as much as I did! 

I am handing you my hand- It’s up to you to hold mine and explore with me a different state of mind

that can shift your perspective on life forever.



“Our external world is a reflection of our inner world"

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1. Learn tools to activate self-love

2. Explore new consciousness of self

3. Connect to your deep truth

4. Tips for healthy state of mind

5. and much more


1. 5 classes of 90 mins mixed with a lecture, practices and sharing in a dynamic zoom environment.

2. 40 minutes one-on-one private session with Liat Berko

3. Ongoing support & access to a private member zone


You can call it a book-club for the soul. In this masterclass , you will learn how to activate love when facing the truth? Discover a new consciousness of loving yourself. Learn how to create an authentic change in your life and connect to the essence of your soul. Explore new levels of intimate relationship with your loved ones. Create a journey through joy, faith and daily rituals in order to maintain a steady state of mind.


Loving ourself is the most challenging part of our journey. I am inviting you to observe your past and take on your life challenges true connection to joy and changes, so you’ll be able to live fully through passion, vulnerability in loving you.


Self Love Modules

1. From Despair to Love - why do we need to reach rock bottom to get “high” on life, how desperate can we be just to realize our worth from other people's eyes, where does love begin and end, external love vs. internal love. 

2. Real love vs. fake love - how do we know we are lying to ourselves and faking it all along? How to listen to the universe’s signs and realize it’s time to act?

3. When push comes to shove- comfortably numb just not to feel the pain. Distortion of our body, mind and soul. Bringing awareness to our temple, recognition of our state of mind and exploration on how to start doing “the work”.

4. Leap of faith - how to explore our journey through joy and faith and adapt to changes by creating daily rituals for life in order to maintain a steady state of mind.

5. Loving ME- fall in love with yourself and learn to accept the authentic you. Learn how to vibrate your positivity from your inner temple and manifest it out to the world.


1. The L.O.V.E model 2. The triple E model 3. Dichotomy Love 4. Love as a reflection 5. Spirituality and Love


The masterclasses are designed in a way where you can share your utmost personal feelings, challenges and goals and get my guidance and inspiration on how to find the spark that will reignite self love