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Hi, I'm Liat Berko and I am here to help you cope with any crisis you may be experiencing right now.  Whether it is financial, relationship, parenthood, loss of a loved one or just feeling unhappy and lost.  I've been there myself.


Besides my life experience I hold a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from the New York Institute of Technology and I incorporate soul consciousness and spiritual practices into my work, including the “The Yemima Method” - a cognitive approach to self-development that combines psychology and kabbalah. My results-based approach has helped hundreds of clients become more aware and mindful about themselves as well as live a better, more inspiring, and joyous life.


I work with women, men, and young adults at my practice in Surfside, Florida. I also lead online and in-person workshops, lectures at self-development conferences as well as hosting experiential group circles at private homes. My client base includes a strong following with individuals and organizations from the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


I invite you to tap into your consciousness and adopt some of this ancient wisdom and practical tools to develop your resilience and peace of mind.

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Sessions with Liat are great: not only she is making you dig deep into your core, feelings, and beliefs, but she also provides alternative points of view. The process you go through with Liat is wonderful: it is as if you’re peeling away layer after layer, while thinking about the reasoning that shaped your thoughts. After a session with Liat I feel relieved, as if someone took a weight off my shoulders. That feeling gives me peace of mind, and recharges me with lots of positive energy. I feel that it is a great process to go through to tackle anything that’s making noise in your mind. I’m very happy Liat finally created Euphoria: it is a true reflection of herself, which I know will provide the lucky people that join her movement with amazing energy.

- Irina Roth, Esq

As an individual on the spiritual path, I came to a point where my feelings and thinking systems were under a turmoil. Liat, who is not only a friend but a mentor opened her heart and experience and helped me to better understand my paths. Liat always makes me feel comfortable with her presence and her profound and clear thoughts and guidance. I learned with liat about where I carry my emotions and stress and how to clear them out of my system.

- Ayelet Givol Gurman

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Whether you are interested in signing up, schedule a talk, propose a collaboration, share your insights and success stories, or for consultation - feel free to connect with me by sending a message below. And please follow my social media accounts to keep track of happenings in both my personal and professional life. 

Prefer to text? You can either message via text or Whatsapp to: +1-646-643-4140