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About Me.

Hello, my name is Liat and I welcome you from all my heart.

Besides my life experience, I hold a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from the New York Institute of Technology, and I am a certified facilitator of the 'Cognitive Thinking' Yemima method. I am a researcher of consciousness, healing, and intimacy, inspired by the eclectic teaching of Spirituality & Psychology. I refine human thoughts and behaviors and empower them to live fulfilled from within. 


As a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, I use my own 'Heart-Wisdom' method that emphasizes a heart-mind connection to strengthen a person’s spiritual health, emotional well-being, and cognitive awareness. I work with individuals and teach couples how to apply sacred intimacy in their relationships, using multi-dimensional tools of body, mind, and soul, and I guide them to live life in consciousness, happiness, self-love, and acceptance.

I work with women, men, and young adults at my practice in Miami, Florida. I also lead online and in-person workshops, lectures, and retreats at self-development conferences as well as host experiential group circles in private homes. My client base includes a strong following of individuals and organizations from the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. I invite you to tap into your consciousness and adopt some of this ancient wisdom and practical tools to develop your resilience and peace of mind.


Education and Certifications.

Cognitive Thinking Studies of the ‘Yemima’ Method 2021-2022

Moderator Instruction Certified, Israel

Landmark Education  2007-2009

Completion of the Forum, Advance, Self-Expression Leadership, and Wisdom course, New York  & Brazil

Master in Organizational Psychology 2000-2002

New York Institute of Technology, New York

 B.A. in Psychology  1995-1999

The Open University of Israel, Israel

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My Philosophy.


Your external world is a reflection of our inner world.

If you keep expecting it from the outside- You will stay frustrated forever...

I was there- and I was not quite, something was constantly missing.

I was stuck in situations, I was looking for help inside of me, and no therapist was really getting me.

I was betraying myself over and over, patching myself with stories.

I lived through that feeling for many years and I had to do something about it! 

This is when I jumped into the UNKNOWN and reinvented myself from scratch.

I learned from the best "inspiritual" mentors in the world WHO I AM! 

This is WHY I created "Euphoria State of Mind"

Hopefully, it inspires you to remember WHO YOU ARE to reconnect to your TRUE self and LOVE yourself with higher CONSCIOUSNESS.

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