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״Our external world is a reflection of our inner world"

I’m inviting you to start a journey into your soul, redefine your meaning of being and start transforming yourself.
The key is to learn how to fully accept and love yourself as a whole. I don’t pretend to tell you what to do, rather than guide you through this self-revelation journey and provide you with the tools so you rely only on YOURSELF! 
How do you have the courage to STOP everything- look in the mirror and like what you see, and believe you are truly worthy!

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If you keep expecting it from the outside- You will stay frustrated forever... I was there- and I was not quite, something was constantly missing.

I was stuck in situations, I was looking for help inside of me, and no therapist was really getting me.

I was betraying myself over and over, patching myself with stories.

I lived through that feeling for many years and I had to do something about it! 


This is when I jumped into the UNKNOWN and reinvented myself from scratch.

I learned from the best "inspiritual" mentors in the world WHO I AM! 

This is WHY I created "Euphoria State of Mind"

Hopefully, it inspires you to remember WHO YOU ARE

and inspires you to reconnect to your TRUE self and LOVE yourself with higher CONSCIOUSNESS.

Join me in exploring a different State of Mind, the one that will bring consciousness, 

 into your heart and shift your perspective on life's events forever.




Euphoria is defined as: a feeling of well-being or elation (Marriam-Webster Dictionary)

Euphoria Has Greek Roots. Health and happiness are often linked, sometimes even in etymologies. Nowadays "euphoria" generally refers to happiness, but it derives from "euphoros," a Greek word that means "healthy." 

People are constantly ​searching for happiness. Having money, family, social status, educational credentials or a successful career are not substitutes for happiness. I believe that happiness exists inside of us and that one needs to want to reveal it.

And even after it was revealed - happiness can be elusive, which means it requires ongoing support.

Euphoria State of Mind is a powerful mindset that will result in long-lasting happiness. 


Euphoria State of Mind's mission is to facilitate a mindset shift that will enable people to realign with their inner motives, purpose, and self-confidence through curated methods, programs, and mentors. Our services include Online and in-person events, private sessions, access to online workshops. Our programs are designed for both individuals and corporate teams. 

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